Modern Silent Cinema

Assless Chaps Do Harm
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Forest Warrior
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Blues for a Broken Blue Ceramic Mug
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Fools' Gold Parade
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Death Whistles the Clues
by  Modern Silent Cinema
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Ah, But Is It Love? (Harburg/Gorney)
by  Modern Silent Cinema
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Dislocations (with Boru)
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Blues for Colonel Brewster (with Boru)
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Siodmak (with Boru)
by  Modern Silent Cinema
Modern Silent Cinema makes soundtracks for imagined movies (and sometimes real ones). Lo-fi experimental electro-acoustic instrumental music equally influenced by post-rock and modern classical/avant-garde music, the project began in 2004 as a side project for Cullen Gallagher and has evolved into a two-decade songwriting exploration. Gallagher currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and works as a library cataloger when he is not making music. His other endeavors include the hardcore bands Demoted and steve carface, country singer-songwriter tunes under his full name Cullen Brian Gallagher, and playing lap steel in Hard Job.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the project, Modern Silent Cinema is planning to have its most prolific year yet, releasing six albums that explore its past, present, and future. These works—culled from both new and archival recordings—capture the breadth, eclecticism, and growth of MSC over the years. The albums will be released throughout 2024 by Bad Channels Records.

The Cabinet of Modern Silent Cinema: "Beautiful sounds, both raw and polished... Omnifarious sounds spraying from the fluidity of a long waterfall. The groove is raw, holding a warmth many listeners will most ebulliently absorb. The quality of recording harks back to early delta blues 78's with connective sonic gems sown throughout. Sometimes there is a feeling this is a lost Fahey or Basho recording, low-fi and a wanderer of tempos and styles. At other times there is the definitive resonance of a much more modern era. Rhythms built with multiple tracks as selections form with sonic sophistication and elegance. Then, back on the train to Chicago to get paid for another two sides of American roots."–Lost in a Sea of Sound

The Cinema Detective: "For his 27th Modern Silent Cinema release in 20 years, the Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist and composer artfully unspools lo-fi, deliberately paced instrumental rock."—The Tinnitist

Passages X–XXI (for Solo Piano): "All about the homespun warmth – the crackles you hear throughout these short compositions, courtesy of the lounge room fireplace."—Simon Kirk, Sun 13

Passages I–IX (for Solo Piano): "A superb mixture of the ambient and the noir. Contemplative, melancholy, the album's perfect writing music."—Joseph Goodirch, author (The Paris Manuscript and Blood Relations: The Selected Letters of Ellery Queen, 1947–1950)

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