"...it must be said that what goes on here is beyond the range of most people's listening realm." -- FUNGAL PUNK

"As wonderfully unhinged as the
Butthole Surfers at their most extreme." -- DIFFERENT NOISES RADIO SHOW

"The future of rock'n'roll." - MONOLITH COCKTAIL
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The Legless Crabs is Stong (formerly known as Son of El Borko) from Legless Trials, Occult Character, NIGHTHOG, $T33D$_uv_LÜV, Salem Crabs, Baby Cucks, and the now defunct Cat Box Room Bois, Badger Carcass, and Human Parents. All of these projects can be found around Bandcamp and the streaming services. Stong is also Matt Nauseous from Clean Nice Quiet, a music blog and freeform radio show on KPISS.FM & 8K.NZ.